Designer Spotlight

Rebecca Quandt

Rebecca Quandt Interiors, Washington, DC

Questions and Answers

Tell us about yourself and your firm, your design style and/or passion/inspiration?
Rebecca Quandt Interiors, located in the Washington D.C. metro-area, is a full-service residential design firm specializing in kitchen & bathroom renovations. With every project, my goal is to design personalized custom interior environments that enhance my client’s quality of life, fit their style, and make them feel truly at home.

I decided I wanted to be an interior designer when I was in 8th grade and I haven’t changed my mind in 20 years. What initially drew me to design was being able to express my creativity in my surroundings, but once I learned the more technical side of interior design, I fell in love with helping others increase the function of their everyday life.
Can you go into a little bit of detail with your role with HGTV?
House Hunters Renovation is a TV show where home buyers purchase a house that needs renovations. I was selected to be the interior designer for the kitchen design, while the homeowners are required to renovate another room in the house on their own (in this case, the bathroom). I was given a pretty tight budget in which to design the kitchen, but I wanted to make sure to give the clients a quality kitchen that would last for years. I was creative in pairing cost-effective products with high-end products to make it look editorial. The hardware is an area that I was very careful to select something that would elevate the overall look of the kitchen without breaking the bank. The Conga Pull did exactly that and has become one of my favorites on the market!
Where do you go to get new ideas and inspiration?
I always want my projects to reflect the personality of the client, so my first point of inspiration is getting to know my client and learning what styles bring them joy. It’s so rewarding to see my client’s face light up when they see a design they love that is catered to their specific needs and lifestyle!
Describe the room/project and how it fulfilled your client’s plans for the space.
This 1950s kitchen was not only tiny to begin with but extremely outdated (including the appliances)! The first thing we did was remove the wall separating the kitchen from the living and dining room. By adding an island with seating for four, we were able to expand the kitchen into the old breakfast nook. We utilized every inch of this kitchen to maximize storage and create a beautiful focal point of the house!
Did you run into any challenges with this specific project?
One challenge for this project was positioning the sink and appliances after removing the wall separating the kitchen from the dining room. Appliances have gotten much larger since the 1950s, so each remaining cabinet had to be selected with careful intentionality.
Tell us about why you chose Atlas Hardware for this kitchen design.
I loved the sleek modern lines of the Conga Pull, but the indent on the front really made this piece truly unique. I haven’t seen anything else like it on the market. It was the perfect combination of simple and classy for this contemporary project.
Which design trends are you most excited about this year?
Obviously, statement ceilings! The ceiling is just as large as the surface of the floor so I’m excited that design trends are starting to explore the variety of creative ways ceilings can be used to enhance the design of a space.
And what hardware trends are you seeing?
I’m seeing two extremes: minimal hardware and over-sized hardware. Matte black is still very popular; however, unique finishes such as copper are starting to get a spotlight!
What’s the best interior design lesson you have learned?
Not everything needs to be expensive to look expensive. Investing in quality products where it matters most and pairing them with economical accents or finishing touches can still achieve a cohesive look that looks like it does in the magazines.
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