Designer Spotlight

Micah Abbananto

Micah Abbananto, Oklahoma City, OK

Questions and Answers

Tell us about why you chose Atlas Homewares for this bathroom design.
This particular bathroom was playing with both straight lines and curved elements and the Conga collection has just that. The Conga Pull in Polished Chrome has the clean lines I was looking for and the knob helps to create cohesion in the space.
Describe the room/project and how it fulfilled your client’s plans for the space.
The exterior of this house has a Cottage-Hampton vibe, so I wanted the master bath to have the same feel. Cozy, yet modern was my goal, so I played with clean lines and curves to bring an unexpected balance between both worlds. This spec house with MassaRossa Luxury Homes was one of the first builds like this in Oklahoma and it created quite a stir!
Tell us about yourself and your firm, your design style and/or passion/inspiration?
I founded Micah Abbananto Designs in 2017 as a single mom of three kids. I used my gift of design to help others and to provide for my children. My design business quickly grew, as my focus on customer experience and the desire to help clients create spaces that reflect their personality resonated with many. I also enjoy remodeling projects and working with my clientele by providing a fresh and organized approach to their home redesign.
Where do you go to get new ideas and inspiration?
I get new ideas from everywhere! My husband knows when I go into any new space, whether it’s a restaurant, hotel or business, I will be taking everything in visually. I also love researching older homes and seeing the craftsmanship and details that I can implement in my new designs. There was a sense of true pride in their work and I long to bring unexpected details into homes that make them feel “old” even though most of my clientele projects are new builds.
Which design trends are you most excited about in 2020?
Deep, rich colors! There is a fearlessness that has even transcended into rural America to go for it with color and design. The days of all beige are dwindling (thank goodness), and deeper colors, like matte black, give way to more character in homes.
What’s the best interior design lesson you have learned?
Sometimes what is initially perceived as a mistake can turn out to be a favorite part of a project!

Photo Credits: Flow Real Estate Photography
Staging Credits: The Staged Life
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