Designer Spotlight

Lisa VanderHoek

Vanderhoem, Seattle, WA

Questions and Answers

Tell us about why you chose Atlas Hardware for this kitchen design.
The design of the Oskar Pulls is beautiful and the product is very well made.
Tell us about yourself, your design style, and passion/inspiration?
I have been a creative person my whole life, but I graduated with a degree in Accounting and Information Systems. Although I was good at my IT audit job, I found myself being drawn to home interiors. I decided to quit my corporate career and pursue interior design. I’m just starting as a designer, so I'm hoping my new home renovations will help build my portfolio. My design style is a mix of boho, modern, and traditional.
Where do you go to get new ideas and inspiration?
Instagram and Pinterest! There is so much out there, and I have endless boards of inspiration. It's been an ongoing evolution, but I find most of my inspiration from Amber Interiors, Chris Loves Julia, Sarah Sherman Samuel, and Abbie Naber Design.
Describe the room and how it fulfilled your plans for the space.
I knew I wanted dark cabinets and black countertops for the kitchen because we get tons of daylight on our main floor. I chose navy blue for the cabinets because it is such a timeless and rich color. The brass hardware was a must, and through tons of searching I finally found the Oskar Pulls in Warm Brass. It looks beautiful against the dark navy cabinets, and the kitchen turned out exactly how I imagined it.
Did you run into any challenges with this specific project?
We are currently trying to pick a kitchen island. Because we painted the cabinets ourselves, it's not easy to find an affordable island option that will match well with the cabinets. We are getting close to choosing one, though!
Which design trends are you most excited about this year?
I feel like a huge trend this year has been accented walls in dark colors, wallpaper, or wood design. I'm all for that. I love the dramatic look that a dark wall or wallpaper can bring to a room. I feel like every room needs an accent wall or feature.
What design trends are you seeing in your town? Are you seeing any trends with hardware?
Marble and subway tile still seem to be ongoing trends. I love a good subway tile, and I think one of the trends is creating new patterns with vertical or horizontal stacking. With hardware, brass is definitely having a moment.
What’s the best interior design lesson you have learned?
Sometimes you might have to try different things until you finally get the design right. I repainted a bathroom twice because I didn't realize what it needed until it was almost finished. Mood boards will help with planning, but it's okay if things take a turn in the process.
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