Designer Spotlight

Debbie Basnett

Debbie Basnett Interiors, Savannah, GA

Questions and Answers

Tell us about why you chose Atlas Homewares for this kitchen design.
The Campaign collection had the perfect mix of statement hardware that incorporated traditional design. We used the Round Knob with the L-Bracket Backplates in Polished Brass to give that extra WOW factor because we wanted the hardware to stand out on the slab doors. We also used the bar pulls on the vertical lift doors because it made more sense ergonomically.
Describe the room/project and how it fulfilled your client’s plans for the space.
My clients have owned this small downtown condo for more than 30 years. When the long-time tenant moved out, they decided to sell their larger home and downsize into this condo. It needed a major renovation, but they didn't want to sacrifice high-style because of the smaller space. My clients also didn’t frequently cook and were part-time residents, so we made fun choices for the kitchen, like a high-gloss black, that may not have been as practical for a family with small children. The Polished Brass hardware was a glamorous complement to the glossy cabinetry.
Did you run into any challenges with this specific project?
The size of the space was definitely the biggest challenge in this project. We used smaller European appliances and under-counter refrigeration.
Tell us about yourself and your firm, your design style and/or passion/inspiration?
I've been practicing full-service residential and boutique commercial design for almost 20 years, although I find myself specializing in kitchen and bath design. I like to be cutting edge in my designs and not follow trends, so I like creating something that's not out there.
Where do you go to get new ideas and inspiration?
New ideas and inspiration come from all over. Picking up on one little detail while traveling or in an image can be used as a springboard. I also LOVE fabric. One fabulous fabric can spark a whole concept.
Which design trends are you most excited about in 2020?
I'm excited that color is back!
What hardware trends are you seeing?
I believe we'll see more statement hardware trending. The fun thing is, if you can match or use a backplate to cover the existing hardware holes in your cabinetry, it's easy and inexpensive to change out.
What’s the best interior design lesson you have learned?
Never judge a client, what they might select, or spend. I always present the option and let them make the decision.
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